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Author Lynne B. Sagalyn (2001) writes in her book Times Square Roulette: Remaking the City Icon that Time Square has become city's icon of entertainment as the place is famous for its busy streets, 'dense and diverse pedestrian activity' and cultural diversity  [ 16 ]  . Another feature of globalization visible in Times Square is a variety of food available from Thai soup to Indian curry. Time Square has been a place where tourists have found what feels like home in an Americanized environment. Now Times Square growth and prosperity had made it a distinct icon of its own and people visit it to observe its social life and because of its entertainment providing atmosphere. For some people, visiting the place is like a dream come true.

At some point, Raiden, in large part because of his having to utilize a HF Blade late in the Big Shell Incident, became fascinated with the art of Japanese swordsmanship, training himself with the HF Blade and studying in various Japanese swordsmanship and the samurai code, and even going as far as to watch samurai movies. In addition, largely because of his encounter with the Patriots AIs late into his mission, he also did extensive research on the subject of AIs, and wondered whether the Patriots AIs were actually sentient, or simply programmed to be that way.

Devil zukin

devil zukin


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